We have designed The Mermaid Hostel for you to have fun and relax while you enjoy our beautiful ocean and jungle view

Common areas

Free wi-fi is available at all the property. We have a common kitchen and dining room, two lounge areas where you can relax and plan your trip, watch the ocean, the jungle, meditate at sunrise or dink a beer watching the sunset, surf the web or just gaze at the stars while enjoying the breeze

Continental breakfast for free

Coffee & Tea

Everyday with breakfast. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea with our beautiful panoramic view of the ocean and the lagoon

Food Delivery

Food delivery to the hostel from delicious restaurants.


Fresh fruit, toast, butter & jam to grab a quick bite before exploring the area.

Local Fisherman Restaurants

Across the street you’ll find great local fisherman restaurants

Enjoy the beach

Want to relax at the beach? Just a few steps away from our place.


To local restaurants to enjoy a great meal or night out

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Tel: + 52 998 380 91 56


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Villas Playa Blanca

Calle Gupy #11 Col. Smza 86

Av. Lopez Portillo – Carretera a Punta Sam  (Puerto Juarez)

C.P. 77520

Cancún, Quintana Roo